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Top Watermelon Refreshing Face Packs for the Summers

Top Watermelon Refreshing Face Packs for the Summers

A slice of watermelon gives you such a refreshing feeling in this heat. Known for its many health benefits, watermelons have many skin benefits as well. A ripe watermelon composes of almost 90% water. It is a great source of antioxidants making it a good remedy for skin conditions. This summer you can beat the heat and all your skin problems simply by using watermelons. Read on to find out more about the many uses of watermelons to treat skin problems that arise during this season.

A few watermelon benefits for the skin include:

Controls oil secretion:

Watermelons are filled with Vitamin A that reduces the size of skin pores. This then minimizes the excess secretion of oil on the face, thus maintaining a clear complexion.

Hydrates the body:

Due to its high water content, it cools and keeps the body hydrated. Watermelons wash out all the toxins from the body letting the skin breathe better and giving it a supple look.

Treats acne:

Watermelons have been scientifically proven to treat and prevent acne. It has the ability of increasing the nitric oxide composition in the body. Nitric oxide accelerates the healing of wounds and acne. Watermelons are high anti-flammatory foods. This is helpful as pimples and other skin conditions are prevented from arising.

Gives a glow:

It can revive and renew facial skin that looks dull and saggy. You can eat or can apply a portion of mashed watermelon on the skin.

Natural toner:

Since watermelon juice cuts down on oil secretion, it acts as a natural toner. It contains a natural element that shrinks body tissue and gives a glow to the skin.

Nourishes the hair:

The many properties of watermelons make it a good cure for hair problems as well. Watermelons contain Vitamin C that increases the blood circulation in your body. This adds to the oxygen supply to the hair follicles and promotes collagen formation. Thus you get full nourishment by eating the fruit. Using watermelons externally for the hair gives it a shine and protects it from damage as well.

Now that you are aware of these advantages, you should try out watermelon face packs that deal with oily skin and gives your face a glowing skin. Watermelons are also used for skin tightening. These face packs are not only delicious, but also relaxing and easy to make.

Watermelon face pack for glowing skin/ skin whitening

– Mash together a few tablespoons of curd with a slice of watermelon. Apply it on your face for a brief 10-15 minutes. While washing off, use warm water as it opens up the pores. The watermelon and curd helps in hydrating the skin from deep within, leaving you with a smooth feel and a warm glow on the face.

Watermelon face pack for oily skin

– Make a paste of one tablespoon honey and half a cup of watermelon and apply on the skin for 15 minutes. This paste is also good for sensitive skin. It cleans the face, makes it softer and reduces the secretion of facial oil.

Watermelon face pack for dry skin

– Mix together some yoghurt and watermelon and smear it on as a mask. The yoghurt removes dead skin and deeply nourishes the skin while the watermelon moisturizes. This face pack will leave you with a radiant face.

Watermelon face pack for aging skin

– Blend together a tablespoon of watermelon juice and mashed avocado. Put a generous amount on your face and neck for 30 minutes. Both ingredients being rich in antioxidants help to improve the quality of the skin and its elasticity as well.

Watermelon face pack for acne-prone skin

– Combine one tablespoon of watermelon juice and mashed banana into a fine paste. Rub some of it on your face and neck and let it dry for about 20 minutes. The watermelon and banana together are anti-flammatory foods that moisturizes the skin and keeps it springy.

Though there are plenty uses and watermelon skin benefits, there are several effective products that lead to quicker outcomes. Kaya’s range of beauty products yield promising results and leaves you happy and beautiful. Youth Protect Sunscreen has an SPF of 50 and works best to protect your skin from the sun and tan lines. The Tri Active Oil Control Cleanser is a product exclusively for men who desire an evenly toned skin. Kaya’s newly launched Complexion Perfector Cream gives you unblemished glowing skin almost instantly by hiding imperfections. With frequent use of these products, not only does your skin appearance improve, but so does the quality of the skin. You can also indulge in a little comfort and experience Kaya’s wide range of facials for skin rejuvenation.

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