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Top beauty blunders to avoid

Top beauty blunders to avoid

1.Not taking care of your make up brushes

Yes, this is the most common mistake made by us. Makeup brushes need to be looked after too. It is a time-consuming process, but imagine that an uncleaned brush will not only ruin your make up but also ruin your skin. Brushes that are not washed regularly will mess up the makeup application plus it is a feeding ground for germs. Wash them on regular basis with mild soap and warm water. You can also do that on a weekly basis.

2.Sleeping with makeup on

This mistake creates havoc with your skin in the long term. It ages your skin much sooner than you can imagine. Makeup left overnight not only makes your skin more prone to acne but also it settles in your pores and stretches them. This leads to enlarged pores. To keep your skin looking fresh and dewy, always clean your face with a gentle makeup remover before you hit the bed. Kaya’s Hydra-cleanse makeup Yellow Seed Content Solutions Pvt. Ltd. | remover can be a part of your daily routine. It gently cleanses your skin by removing regular as well as water-proof makeup. While cleansing the skin it also moisturises it, leaving the skin soft and supple. To know more visit:

3.Applying too much of hair conditioner

Most of us end up applying hair conditioner just like shampoo, from the roots to tips. The end result is the hair ends up looking greasy. The ideal way to get the most out of a conditioner is to remove excess of water from your hair and apply the conditioner to the hair that is in line with your ears. Apply it all the way to the ends. It will not weigh your hair down. Applying conditioner to the scalp will make it greasy and can lead to dandruff, so do refrain from it.

4.Ignoring your neck

We take lot of care of the facial skin, hands and feet. But we ignore the most beautiful yet sensitive part of our body-the neck. It has a very thin layer of skin, and just like your face it also faces aging, pigmentation issues and loses elasticity. It also needs daily pampering and moisturising. Always apply a good moisturiser followed by a sunscreen to protect and hydrate the skin of your neck.

5.Applying makeup on dry skin

Nothing is worse than applying makeup on dry and flaky skin. The makeup will not blend in and will look like a mask. It is best to exfoliate your skin on weekly basis with a gentle exfoliator. Just before you apply your makeup, apply a rich moisturiser. Keep in mind to allow the moisturiser to be soaked up by your skin. If you apply makeup immediately, you will end up with a blotchy makeup. Yes, the number one mistake that all of us make is we forget to wear our beautiful smile. So to look more beautiful, complement your makeup with your beautiful smile. [End of Document]

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