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This Is The ‘Correct’ Way To Use Toner!

This Is The ‘Correct’ Way To Use Toner!

Since a couple of decades, women’s skincare routines have become all the more complex. In Korea, people have 14 step routines which they follow religiously to take care of their skin. This makes one wonder about the reason for this milieu of products which are fortified, crystallized and made with such rare essential oils that they make it sound like a mandate for everyone. Moreover, people have to browse through never-ending aisles stretching to the moon and back, stacked sky-high with skincare products. This makes it very tough for people to choose the product that they need.

Generally, people at least have a face wash, moisturising face cream, and lotion in their vanity at all times. Toners had become mandatory in a skincare routine at a point in time. Dermatologists everywhere had started suggesting the use of the same. Nowadays, it has become a talking point in many derma discussions. The market is flooding with toners from all brands in every price range but do we even need toners? More importantly, how to use a skin toner?

Recently, a study done by Yale deemed that toner is something which comes second in the cycle of skincare routine. The benefit is that when it is used correctly, it helps remove excess oils and dead skin cells that may still remain on the face after cleansing.

So then, how to apply toner on the face? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just splash a toner on your face and wait for it to dry out so that you can move on to a moisturizer. After washing your face with a cleanser, you don’t wipe your face. It’s a well-known fact that moist skin absorbs a product more than dry skin. You pat-dry.

A toner can actually help other skin applications penetrate more rapidly. However, this can be the case for any product, as moist skin tends better absorb topical products than dry skin. That is why products which come with active ingredients like retinol, come with instructions on how to apply to skin that is dry to avoid irritation from 'over-penetration'.

So then, how to use a skin toner? You have to use a toner after washing your face properly. Pour it on a cotton pad, to avoid any contact with dust or germs. This method can help get rid of the dust and dirt stuck to your face even after using a face wash. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you should not use a toner that does not contain alcohol as that can be drying, even for oily skin.

Kaya Skin Clinic understands the importance of taking good care of your skin and hence keeps striving to get you the most efficient products for the same.

Kaya Clinic Acne Free Purifying Toner, Alcohol-free Toner for acne-prone & oily skin is a toner which will keep your skin hydrated but not to the point that it becomes oily. The toner exfoliates the skin well and unclogs pores. It contains Mandelic acid, which removes dead skin cells and thus has an anti-ageing effect. This toner can be applied with cotton pads right after using a cleanser. Kaya’s Acne Free Cleanser can be paired with it for a thorough cleanse. It is recommended for Oily Skin.

Kaya Clinic Daily Pore Minimising Toner, a face toner with Witch Hazel extracts is another recommended toner that can help with taking care of your skin. It gently removes impurities and leaves the skin feeling smooth, refreshed and comfortable. It also contains Niacinamide which helps to get an even-toned skin. The best part? It can be used safely by any skin type. Any skin type can use this product.

Don’t wait for it, include a toner in your regime today!

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