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This Is The Answer To Thinning Hair

This Is The Answer To Thinning Hair

Do you notice your hair partition widening over the years? Your stylist might tell you to switch the parting and hide the gap. But that is not the long term solution! In fact, a widened partition is a sign of hair reduction. Women experience a reduction in hair between the ages of 25 to 30. If all this sounds familiar to you, call for help!

Causes Of Thinning Hair

Hair reduction can be caused due to many factors. It could range from being hereditary, caused due to ageing as well as an imbalance in hormones. Stress is also a major factor in causing hair reduction. It is important to note that hair reduction needs treatment that Hair reduction requires targeted care and treatment that begins at the root of your hair.

The Kaya Solution

At Kaya, we understand that hair reduction needs to be dealt with at the root, both of the problem and of the hair! Hence, we offer the Kaya Intensive Hair Root Therapy, a highly effective treatment that targets the roots. The treatment makes use of micro injections full of a balanced mix of natural plant extracts, nutrient cocktails as well as precious vitamins.

This is a dermatologist led treatment and what it entails is stimulating growth of the hair by invigorating the hair follicle and averting more hair fall as well as thinning.

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