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This Is How You Can Protect Your Hair From Breakage

This Is How You Can Protect Your Hair From Breakage

How often do you sob over the clump of hair your comb collects? And then comes the usual statement ‘Oh no! I think I’m losing my hair’. We all know that shedding of hair is completely natural and it’s no biggie to bid farewell to 50-100 hair strands each day. But what if it is not hair shedding? Rather breakage! With hair breakage, the hair snaps off even before their shedding period, causing a lot of hair damage. Thus, it is crucial to understand the cause behind such hair breakage and how it can be avoided.

Common Causes Of Hair Breakage

Too Much Heat Styling: If styling your hair with heat styling tools is your daily ritual then that is one reason why you’re experiencing hair breakage. Too much heat makes the hair dry and brittle.
Stress: It may seem unrelatable but stress is the underlying cause of hair breakage in some way. A stressful lifestyle causes severe hormonal fluctuations which causes breakage of the hair.
Nutritive Deficiency: Only if munching junk and sweet treats could provide essential nutrients! The lack of essential vitamins and minerals required to strengthen the hair makes your hair weak and prone to breakage.
Excessive Chemicals: Smearing your hair with way too many chemicals is another reason causing hair to break.

How To Protect Hair From Breakage?

Regular Trimming

It may seem saddening to let go of a few inches of your hair, especially when you’ve pledged on growing them into long luscious locks. But regular trimming is a must to remove rough edges, eventually protecting hair from damage.

Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

Your hair is in its weakest state when wet. Combing wet hair causes nothing but too much of hair breakage. Towel dry your wet hair instead of blow drying them and avoid brushing them till they are completely dry.

Go The KAYA Way

If protecting your hair from breakage is on your mind then the Kaya Hair Health Boost System does just that! It is specially designed for every unique hair need and hair type and comprises of specialized therapies to boost the health of your hair. These therapies also focus on the scalp and roots to give you stronger, thicker and shinier hair.

The Kaya’s Color Damage Reversal ritual is specially designed by dermatologist to work on shafts that are damaged due to excessive styling. This ritual helps to restore the moisture and vitality of damaged breakage prone hair by strengthening and enriching the shaft to give soft, smooth hair with a healthy shine, free from dryness and unruliness.

Your hair has suffered enough! It’s time to book an appointment at Kaya and to give your hair the love they deserve!

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