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Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin
We are always on the lookout for effective skin products and remedies, always trying to do better things for our skin. We have a suggestion for you – stop! Before you experiment more with your skin, read this article, find out where you are going wrong with your skin care and improve the health of your skin! Never Use A Loofah On Your Face Loofahs are just not meant for your facial skin. It’s okay if you use them on your torso and limbs but they are way too harsh for your face. Maintain the habit of using your hand to lather face wash or cleansers, it’s much safer this way. Avoid Using Harsh Cleansers Use products that are only meant for facial skin. Using traditional soaps on your face will make it more rough, not softer. Whenever you wash your hair, make sure the shampoo or conditioner doesn’t have much contact with your face. Never Step Out In The Sun Unprotected Stepping outdoors on a sunny day without any protection against the harsh rays is a strict no-no. Always keep sunscreen and a scarf handy, because direct sun rays are merciless. Don’t Experiment Too Much Your skin is sensitive – it cannot take over shuffling of products. Try to stick to one product for a considerable amount of time before switching to the next one. Quit Popping, Picking, Squeezing Your Zits LET YOUR SKIN BE! As irritating as zits and acne are, don’t touch them – it will only make it worse. Don’t fidget with your skin unnecessarily or remove your stress on it by itching harshly. Sometimes you just need to let your skin heal on its own. We know it’s difficult but you need to control the urge to touch that zit on your face. Don’t Over-exfoliate If you exfoliate your skin too much, you’re going to make it saggy and red. Going through exfoliation once in a while is okay, but anything done excessively becomes harmful. Your skin will suffer from extreme irritation and burning sensations. Don’t Go To Bed With Makeup On Never ever do the mistake of sleeping without removing your makeup, it is probably the worst thing you could do to your own skin. This will make the chemicals affect your sensitive facial skin and do permanent damage. If you don’t have a makeup remover handy, use a dab of oil or even water to get rid of the makeup somehow. Eager to be more informed about skincare? Here are some Skincare Facts And Myths You Should Know
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