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Things You Should Never Do To Your Hair

Things You Should Never Do To Your Hair

Your hair is more delicate than you think. It can get easily damaged or shed excessively. Too much styling and heating can threaten the health of your hair. In order to maintain healthy hair, here are the 5 things you should never do to your hair.

Avoid Taking Frequent Hair Washes

Our scalp produces natural oils that are extremely important to keep your hair healthy. Washing your hair too much gets rid of these oils which lead to dryness and roughness. It is recommended to wash your hair thrice a week or so to keep your hair dirt-free. If your hair feels very greasy, you can use a dry shampoo to absorb the excess oil.

Don’t Use Heating Products On Wet Hair

It feels so beautiful when we curl our hair or straighten it, but we never really stop and think about what damage the heat does to our hair. If you ever heat your hair when it's wet, you’re just damaging it to no extent. Let it dry first, and use pre-heating serums before using the tools.

Never Tie Your Hair When It's Wet Avoid making a bun or a ponytail out of your hair when it’s wet because your hair is more prone to breakage, knots, and split-ends. When you tie a ponytail, the scalp does not have enough air to dry which causes irritation in the scalp.

Don’t Keep Switching Products Too Often

Exploring way too many options can be troublesome for your hair! You may not see results from these products because you may not be using it for long enough. Be patient and test what best suits your hair!

Don’t Overbrush Your Hair

Over brushing your hair is not at all ideal. Hair breakage mostly happens because you brush your hair way too much or brush it when it’s drenched. Try pat drying your hair before using brushes on them! Worried about hair loss? Here are 4 ways you can prevent hair loss

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