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The various effects of acne and how Kaya's Holistic Approach deals with them

The various effects of acne and how Kaya's Holistic Approach deals with them

If you’re among the unfortunate ones who have had a bad bout of acne and are left with scars, it’s time you treated them. Acne is caused due to a various reasons like excess sebum production, clogging of pores, lack of a nutritional diet, and a sedentary lifestyle. The result? Painful pimples and ugly, post-acne scar marks. While drinking water and washing your face frequently can bring some relief, it will not be a permanent solution to your acne.

If you want to get rid of acne once and for all, it’s better to take professional help. At Kaya, we take a holistic approach for treating your acne. We believe that everyone’s skin is different and therefore, they should get the treatment that’s right for them. And here’s how we go about it.

  1. Skin diagnosis

When you visit Kaya for getting a treatment, our dermatologists will first examine your skin to find the root cause of your acne. They will conduct an in-depth skin analysis to understand what’s causing the breakouts. Once they’ve figured out the reason, they will let you know about the same and give treatment suggestions based on that.

  1. Homecare products and advice


If your acne problem is not serious and can be treated with the help of a few products, our dermatologists will suggest the right skin care plan for you. Our Advanced Acne Care kit comes with a purifying cleanser, a nourisher, a toner, and a spot corrector, which give you an acne-free skin on regular usage.

  1. Customized treatment

Some acne and scars can’t be treated at home and need special attention. At any Kaya Skin Clinic that you visit, our dermatologists will suggest a treatment based on your skin condition. Kaya Rapid 360 Acne Clear System Blemish Free is a procedure that makes use of a variety of peels to treat your acne. One of the most common peels used in this treatment is Instant Clarity Peel, a tri-active combination peel system with botanical actives. This peel targets the pigmented areas of the skin, thereby removing scars and blemishes.

  1. Post-treatment advice

Once your acne has been treated, our dermatologists will give you the right skin and diet advice that will help you keep this pesky skin problem away in the future. It’s important that you take care of your skin and keep a watch on your food even after you have gotten rid of acne.

This 4-step plan is used to effectively treat acne and provide solutions for controlling it. If you’ve been looking for a permanent solution to your acne and scars, Kaya’s holistic acne treatment is all you need.

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