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The Perfect Wedding Beauty Regime

The Perfect Wedding Beauty Regime

Wondering how to put together a perfect wedding ritual to get that pre-wedding glow on your face? Taking the time out to really prep your skin is essential to really make your skin shine on your wedding day. Check out these pre-bridal skincare tips to fine-tune your wedding beauty regime.

Manicures Are A Must

Everyone is going to want to see your wedding ring as soon as you are engaged. Keep your nails shiny and your hands soft by scheduling frequent manicures. The skin on your hands is as delicate as your facial skin so, you must give it all the love it deserves.

Make Up And Hair Test Run Y

ou don’t want to end up with a blotched hairdo or an overly shimmering eye shadow on your big day. Do a makeup and hairstyle test run, two months in advance, to know for sure what suits your face. You can also hire a photographer to click some pictures to see how the overall look will seem in your wedding pictures.

Prep Your Face

Weekly exfoliation, regular facials, deep cleanse masks, make sure to indulge in these skincare practices in the weeks leading up to your wedding to get that healthy glow. At Kaya, we offer our bridal services to take care of all your skin concerns and help you shine on your big day.

Hair Removal                     

You don’t want to end up with a slight peach-fuzz on your lips or angry, red bumps on your skin. Plan your hair removal, accordingly, to see what suits your skin. Go for Kaya Hairfree Gentle Touch for an easy, stress-free and long-lasting treatment for hair removal.

Need some more bridal skin care tips? Check out How To Get Your Hair And Skin Ready For This Wedding Season.

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