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The Perfect Face According To Facial Symmetry

The Perfect Face According To Facial Symmetry

Have you ever fought for that spot which would capture your most photogenic angle while someone clicked your picture? That is what facial symmetry is based on! Here’s how the perfection of a face can be measured using facial symmetry.

What Is Facial Symmetry?

Could you have ever imagined that your childhood enemy ‘maths’ would team up with beauty? That’s right! Facial symmetry is the study of beauty which is combined with mathematical analysis. In simple terms, a face is symmetrical when both its left and right side looks alike or shares a maximum similarity. It has been studied that the beauty of those having a symmetrical face is likely to be more captivating. This is because such a face is processed by our brain faster.

How Is Facial Symmetry Calculated?

Don’t worry, we aren’t starting off with any formula!  Previously, facial symmetry was known to be based on the golden ratio 1:1.618 also called as phi. But, Dr. Stephen Marquardt made this concept more interesting by developing a beauty mask that incorporated all the dimensions of phi. This beauty mask uses a mathematical, computerized facial structure that is able to measure the attractiveness of your face.

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