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The Must-Have Hair Essentials For Your Bag

The Must-Have Hair Essentials For Your Bag

Is your hair stressed and tired due to the daily travel struggle? We know that your busy schedule forbids you from pampering your hair which compels you to keep all hair pampering sessions for the weekends and holidays. But why wait for a holiday when there is an on the go solution to all your hair problems! Here are some hair essentials that will not just solve your hair concerns on the go but will slide down easily into your handbags!

The Must Have Hair Essentials For Your Bag

Hair Serum

Your hair is dying a slow death in this polluted city! The harsh sun and contaminants in the air, both come together to bother your hair, making it prone to hair fall and breakage. A hair serum works wonders on your hair and protects it from such an environmental frenzy. The Kaya Root Regen Hair Protect Serum is a light and easy absorbing serum enriched with basil, sugarcane, lemon and apple extracts which are known to reduce breakage and hair fall. This serum strengthens and restructures the hair fibres and protects your hair from external hair damage.


You cannot afford to forget your comb as travelling hours are bound to mess up your hair! The daily commotion damages your hair and makes it knotty and frizzy. If not combed on time, these knots can cause breakage. Combing your hair during travel hours is the best way to tame your unruly mane. But remember to not over comb your hair as that can fuel the existing damage. Also, make sure you have a wide toothed wooden comb since it is much gentler for untangling knots in your hair.

Head Scarf

It’s a danger warning if you have been travelling without a head scarf! The sun sits right above you, ready to harm your hair in a million ways. It dries your hair, triggers the release of excess sebum and does so much more! But what should concern you the most is that a prolonged exposure to sun rays affects the melanin production which makes your hair lose its colour. A head scarf protects your hair from all the sunny wear and tear. It also helps in covering your hair during windy days, keeping frizz at bay!

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