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The Kaya Approach To Thinning Hair

The Kaya Approach To Thinning Hair

Your hair usually bears the consequences of your stressed out lifestyle, lack of sleep, inadequate rest and pollution. Hair also falls victim to reduction in its density. You can notice this if there is a visible widening of your hair partition. Usually, women experience this between the ages of 25 to 30. The reasons for hair reduction range from hereditary factors, ageing, hormonal imbalance as well as stress. Hair reduction needs special care in the form of a treatment that targets the strand strength. Still hesitant about getting a hair care treatment? Here’s why you shouldn’t be

Kaya’s Approach

Everyone desires healthy and gorgeous hair, and we at Kaya recognise the importance of healthy and natural locks. Our team of highly qualified hair doctors do an expert job in recommending customized solutions best suitable for you.

Unique Care

Kaya Skin Clinic offers three way unique integrated care; Understand, treat and protect. Kaya offers effective treatments  like Natural Hair Rejuvenation with PRP which uses your body’s plasma that are rich in platelets which in turn help miniature follicles to become healthier. The other treatment is the Intensive Hair Root Therapy wherein hair growth is stimulated by the injection of natural plant extracts, nutrient cocktails and vitamins at the root of the hair.

To efficiently understand your hair and skin type and to provide effective results we undertake customized hair and scalp diagnosis with advance technology. This is followed by personalised consultation with Kaya dermatologists.

We value our customers and ensure that we help them look their best. We will make sure your Kaya journey is beautiful and positive. You do not have to be reluctant about your hair and skin treatments anymore.

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