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The Effects Of The Environment On Your Hair

The Effects Of The Environment On Your Hair

Isn’t it annoying when you are prepped up with a perfect hairdo and one step out into the surrounding messes it all up? Well, our polluted environment does much more than just messing your hair up. Here are the adverse effects that the environment has on your hair.

Effects Of The Environment On Your Hair


As soon as you enter the outside world, one strong gust of wind is enough to make your hair frizzy and coarse. The polluted environment is always ready to cast a spell over your hair by taking away all its moisture, making it dry and shaggy. This dryness can make your hair brittle, eventually causing breakage. Deep conditioning your hair helps in strengthening the strands right from the roots and improves hair texture. The Kaya Root Regen Deep Conditioning Masque is designed to impart instant manageability, smoothness and a visible shine to the hair.


If dandruff has been your major hair concern, it’s the environment that’s doing the damage. Pollution not only comes with dust particles but with chemical contaminants as well. These chemicals lead to flaking of the scalp.  The Kaya Anti Dandruff Shampoo is enriched with seaweed extracts that nourish the scalp and protect it from flaking. It also contains vitamin B5 which provides moisture to hair and prevents dryness.

Hair fall

Pollution in the environment is one of key reasons that leads to hair fall. The impurities around you stick to the scalp and start blocking your hair follicles. This leads to the thinning of hair which ultimately causes hair fall. If you want to reduce hair fall, it is necessary to exfoliate the scalp regularly. The Kaya Root Regen Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo helps in naturally exfoliating the scalp without making it dry. It is enriched with a unique formula made from superfoods like basil root, sugarcane, lemon, 100% natural olive oil , macadamia nuts and apple extracts that promote cell renewal and impart resilience to the hair shaft.

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