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The Effects Of Heredity And Hormones On Hair

The Effects Of Heredity And Hormones On Hair

We’re guessing you’ve tried every possible remedy and have taken all the precautionary measures to stop hair fall. But none of it is working, isn’t it? That’s because your hormones are acting evil! The hair damage that hormonal imbalance does, is more severe than any external factor, as its root cause is not easily identifiable. Here’s how heredity and hormones can affect your hair.

Hormones That Cause Hair Problems

Hair Fall And Thyroid

If you’re suffering from Thyroid then there is a greater possibility that you will witness hair fall. Thyroid causes a major upheaval in the T3 and T4 hormones which have a negative impact on the hair roots. This hampers the growth of new hair, ultimately resulting in baldness.

Hair Damage And PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, also known as PCOS is a very common occurrence these days. A lot of women are becoming victims of PCOS. Those undergoing this condition are prone to experiencing a lot of hair damage. PCOS results in the overproduction of the male hormone testosterone which disrupts hair growth on the front side of the head. PCOS also causes an excess release of sebum which blocks the hair follicles and thins down hair strands.

Hair Fall And Stress

Stress and hair fall go hand in hand! Constantly keeping your mind stressed tires the endocrine glands. This reduces their capacity to secrete hormones which are needed for the growth and development of hair, eventually causing hair fall.

Is There A Way To Stop This Hair Damage?

In order to tackle hair damage, it is important to bring the hormonal imbalance back on track. This can be achieved only by following a daily workout routine and by consuming a balanced diet which will ensure that your hormone secreting glands stay in good condition.

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