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The Dos And Don’ts For Your Hair This Festive Season

The Dos And Don’ts For Your Hair This Festive Season

As Diwali approaches with pomp and vigour, we gear up with our favourite sweets, clothes and lights. But our hair has to bear the brunt of the harsh heat and the crazy levels of pollution outside. We bring to you certain DOs and DON’Ts to get the perfect, healthy, shiny hair for this festive season.


Do get a haircut every 3 months to keep your hair styled, fresh looking and lively all the time.

Do wash and condition your hair at regular intervals. A clean scalp helps to unclog the pores and assist in faster growth of hair. Use cold to lukewarm water for it, as hot water tends make our hair dry.

Do brush your hair every morning with a big toothed comb to tame your hair. Always go for combs made up of natural materials to avoid damage.

Do eat healthy food to give nutrition to hair. Foods rich in calcium and essential fatty acids help to get the thick locks that you dream of.

Do oil and massage your scalp twice a week to get good blood circulation and to keep the scalp healthy.

Do spritz your hair with lemon water at the end of your wash to get the luminous looking tresses.


Don’t wash your hair every day. It rips your scalp of essential oils leaving them dry and unmanageable.

Don’t brush your hair when they are wet. Let your hair dry before brushing them to avoid breakage and fall.

Don’t expose your hair to the afternoon heat. It makes the hair dry and rough. It also leads to change in pigmentation of hair.

Don’t tie your hair back too tightly. Too much tension leads hair to loosen from the pore making them weak and prone to fall.

Don’t over-style your hair. Avoid using a hair dryer every day as it may cause rough and brittle hair.

Don’t use too many chemicals on hair. Using dry shampoos to frequently should be avoided as they can clog the pores and restrict natural hair growth.

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