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The Best Way To Fight The 7 Signs Of Aging

The Best Way To Fight The 7 Signs Of Aging

Don’t we all struggle hard to protect the youthfulness of our skin? But as our skin matures, the 7 signs of ageing start showing on it. Here’s the best way to deal with these signs of ageing.

What Are The 7 Signs Of Ageing?

Dry Skin

You’ll soon spot this sign of ageing making an entrance on your skin. As skin ages, it losses out on moisture contents that are needed to maintain its softness. Dry skin acts as a breeding ground for the development of other signs of ageing.

Dull Skin And Pigmentation

Does your skin look dull and tired? If so, that’s the misdeed done by ageing. With time, many internal and external factors play a role in making your skin dull and in causing uneven skin tone. This results in your skin looking patchy and dappled.

Visible Pores

As you age, the excess accumulation of dead skin and other impurities which settle in your pores, stretches them out. This makes your pores more evident.

Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are a baggage that ageing doesn’t miss to carry! Once your skin becomes dry, wrinkles and fine lines show up on the most sensitive organs of your body which are the eyes, mouth, hands and feet.

Volume Loss

As your skin ages, its ability to shed off and to rejuvenate itself reduces. This causes your skin to thin, eventually affecting its volume. Loss of volume makes your skin susceptible to bruising.

Sagging Skin

This sign of ageing is sure to make you look old and worn out.As your skin matures, its capacity to produce collagen reduces. A lack of this protein takes away the elasticity of your skin, making it droopy.

How To Fight The Signs Of Ageing?

Be it one sign of ageing or all of them, Kaya offers a range of services that target these signs of ageing in an instant! The Kaya Youth Brilliance is one such service designed by the dermatologists at Kaya to tackle the early signs of ageing. This service is a combination of specialized services and products that include highly effective ingredients and technology. Various services under this treatment are chosen to effectively correct signs of ageing like pigmentation, patchy skin and fine lines.

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Aren’t you able to combat ageing? Here’s how you can successfully beat ageing.

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