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The Best Ingredients In Your Winter Hair Oil

The Best Ingredients In Your Winter Hair Oil

As winters arrive, our hair problems only increase. Hair loss, dandruff, dryness, brittleness have one common solution – regular hair oiling. But choosing which oil is best for hair is not easy and having the best ingredients in one hair oil is even more difficult. We tell you how to control hair fall with these must have ingredients in your hair oil.

Olive Oil

Yes this liquid is not only good for keeping the cholesterol in check, it is also a fantastic source of nourishment for our hair. It protects them from heat damage by giving a healthy coat to the shaft. It makes hair frizz-free and prevents split ends.

Basil Root Extracts

Hair breakage, flyaways and thinning hair bothering you? Basil root extract is the solution to your problem. It prevents hair fall, helps you to regain fuller and denser hair and rejuvenates your scalp deeply.


Where do we begin with the benefits of this bomb of protein-rich goodness? It is an excellent source of hydration, it fights hair loss and makes hair shinier.


The exotic Macadamia nuts have always fascinated us, what with the nut being so delicious and its nutritive value. This super nut strengthens our hair follicle and adds shine to the hair.

Apples, Lemons And Sugarcane

Apples, lemons and sugarcane add benefits to this already brilliant concoction. They together function to promote cell renewal at scalp and to improve health of hair follicles.

Kaya Scalp Nourishing Oil

With all the above ingredients blended into it, the Kaya Scalp Nourishing Oil is a definite keeper. It is light-weight and gives upto 2 times more strength than any other hair growth oil. Running to get yourself one already, aren’t you?

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