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Surprising Causes of Pigmentation

Surprising Causes of Pigmentation
Pigmentation is a big word, but it simply means colouring. The cause of pigmentation can be due to hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. When there is reduced production of melanin it causes hypopigmentation. Whereas hyperpigmentation is caused when there is excessive production of melanin. An overproduction of melanin can be caused due to  various reasons which can lead to uneven skin tone. Your choice of lifestyle plays a role in the health of your skin. Habits and products that have been incorporated in to your daily routine can be elements that cause pigmentation. The most popular cause is prolonged exposure to sun, other than this, there are lesser known causes of pigmentation. Listed below are some of the unknown causes:
  • Stress: No stress! But if you’re someone who leads a highly demanding life and is prone to stress it could be a reason for your uneven skin tone. The symptoms of a high strung life are first reflected on a person’s skin. Your skin takes a toll because of your fast paced life. It is common for the increase of free radicals among those who stress, thus leading to aggravated skin pigmentation. To be stress free is idealistic, instead try to make time once or twice a week to de-stress and pamper your skin. This should help you to ward off the evils of pigmentation.  
  • Cooking: To feed yourself, you need to cook. This might come as a surprise for most of you, yet there is a simple explanation for this. The pigment cells in your body are stimulated when exposed to heat. This is no different from the common cause for pigmentation in many, prolonged exposure to sun. When your skin is exposed to high flames while cooking it can aggravate the pigmentation cells. Though to avoid cooking altogether isn’t a viable solution, you can resort to other means to protect your skin. When possible, avoid cooking on high flame, and/or apply protective cream.
  • Smoking: Did you know about smokers lips? When you smoke your lips are exposed to nicotine and heat, which leads to excessive pigmentation formation. It also causes your lips to become dry and coarse. Not only are your lips affected, but it also affects the area around it. Excessive smoking causes the area around your lips to be pigmented too. To reverse this effect, you must cut down on your cigarette consumption, giving your skin time to repair itself.
  • Perfume Products: Who doesn’t like to smell sensational, right? All of your perfumes contain alcohol in them, which is why where you spray them is important. The alcohol present in your perfumes causes your skin to be photosensitive. What does this mean? It means alcohol sensitizes your skin to sunlight and makes your skin more prone to sunburn and discoloration. To avoid this, make sure to spray your perfume on areas that are covered by clothing so it isn’t exposed to sunlight.
  • Friction: You might be looking forward to using the new loofah you bought, but here’s a downer. The friction created while you use the loofah can cause uneven skin tone. When you rub too vigorously it will dry out your skin and cause it to be flakey.
  • Bad Skin Care Products: This one is obvious, but is mostly ignored. You can follow a skin care regimen, but if the products are cheap, it isn’t going to benefit you. The ingredients in the product you use can do more harm than good if it isn’t a branded product. Not only should the brand be considered but also if it caters to your particular skin type. If you want flawless skin, it is important to invest in good skin care products. Reading user reviews on branded products can help you decide on the products that you would like to invest in.
Got some tweaking to do? Making small adjustments in your everyday lifestyle can go a long way in reviving your skin’s health. If you have any enquiries, get in touch with experts here.

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