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Stay Bright And Happy In The Summer With These Tips

Stay Bright And Happy In The Summer With These Tips

Summers can take quite a toll on your skin. The harsh sun is very unkind to the skin and factors like pollution and stress can only make it worse. Lucky for you, we’ve got some easy tips that can help you stay bright and happy this summer. The fourth tip is a favourite with dermatologists!


Sweat, pollution and dust are all going to make your skin look dull and tired. That’s why you need the Kaya Brightening Beads Cleanser which is a gentle exfoliating cleanser that brightens as it cleans. Gives you a squeaky clean feeling without drying the skin out.


Just because its summer does not mean you can skip on moisturizers! Remember that your skin needs moisture all year round and the summers are no exception. The Kaya Brightening Day Cream is the ideal day cream with SPF 15 that protects your skin from the harsh UV rays. It also reduces pigmentation and giving you bright skin that stays happy! Make sure you follow up day cream with a good night cream. The Kaya Brightening Night Cream which works all night to give you soft, fresh and luminous skin.


The Kaya Insta Brightening Micro Mask +  is all that you need to give your skin the boost that it needs in the summer. It is a light textured gel mask that gives with extracts of White Mulberry and Grapes which gives you brighter skin. The best part? You can wash this mask off in 20 minutes!


This is one step that we often skip in our skin care routine. However, serums are very important since they penetrate the skin and work at the root of the problem. If you want good skin, never skip the serum! A great serum for your skin is the Kaya Brightening Serum which reduces age spots and freckles. It is tested to reduce pigmentation and brighten the skin.

Don’t overlook your eyes! They need special love and care too. And an effective way to keep your eyes bright and happy in the summer is using a serum like the Kaya Brightening & Firming Eye Serum which reduces the discoloration around the eye area.

So go forth and have fun in the sun!

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