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Smile More Frown Less Say Goodbye To Frown Lines

Smile More Frown Less Say Goodbye To Frown Lines

Nobody likes a frowning face. But did you know there was more to frowning than you were probably aware of? Facial muscles fold or stretch to help us make an expression. But holding an expression continuously in place, could form indentations at precisely the same spot. These indentations form fine lines and with age, are retained. 

Where Are Frown Lines Most Prominent

In an entire day we don’t realize how often we frown or crease our forehead in concentration. The most common area on the face with frown lines is the forehead. Just above or between the eyebrows. The other common areas are around the eyes (crow’s feet), on the entire span of your forehead, under the eyes, on the upper eyelid, and the upper lip.

How Can These Lines Be Prevented

If you are noticing these lines on your face, try to find the expression they are associated with. Avoid twisting your muscles too much to make that expression.

The Best Treatment

A fine line is superficial and can be treated completely. Skin tightening using face fillers helps fill in these lines to make the face look fuller and healthier. Kaya Juvederm Dermal Fillers are quality controlled and handled by experts who aim at giving optimum results. So now say goodbye to frown lines and just smile more!

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