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Skin-friendly Fabrics this Season

Skin-friendly Fabrics this Season

You love the soft drizzle and the smell of soil, but hate it when the passing car plunges into a puddle of dirty water and soils your clothes! It is also a task to reach your destination with clean clothes. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to dress monsoon friendly. 

Let’s discuss ways in which we can enjoy this monsoon without compromising on style.


The must have fabrics in this season are polyester, nylon and poly-cotton. Do you know why? Well, the main reasons are increased resilience, crease resistance and speedy drying quality. Clothes such as kurtis, tops, Indian ethnic wear, dresses made in georgette, chiffon and poly-cotton can be effortlessly washed, and dried and preserved in its shape even when un-ironed.

The other fabric for this season is extremely famous for swimwear and sportswear - nylon.  Known to be excellent swimwear material, Nylon is another fabric that’s extremely feasible for monsoon wear. Opt for shorts or leggings made in nylon fabric.

Poly cotton is one more unforgettable and durable choice for this season’s clothing. Wonder why? This is because it is a blend of cotton and polyester. It is crease-free as compared to pure cotton.

Style tip: Formal shirts in pastel colours and prints in poly-cotton fabric are best buy in the monsoons.


Second most important factor to keep in mind when shopping your monsoon wear is your choice of colours. Pastel colours such as orange, dark green, black, maroon are good buys and must haves during this season.

Also, dark prints with floral or animal prints offer nice casual wear looks. Avoid wearing white cotton as it is see-through when wet, chiffon as it shrinks and clings to your body, denims as it becomes heavier when wet and leather as it leads to fungus when damp.

Fabrics like knits and linen should not be in your monsoon attire as they become weighty and hug to your body as they are not exactly water resistant. Linens tend to shrink when wet, thereby changing the look and feel of the outfit.

Now you can beat the monsoons like a diva. All you need to do is wear the right clothes to stay as hassle free as possible. Wear relaxed and easy clothes and try to choose for light clothes and wear knee length outfits and pants whenever possible.

Style tip: Stay safe with fashionable neon plastic-like footwear, bags, umbrellas and raincoats. Happy Monsoon!

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