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Skin Concerns Of A Winter Bride

Skin Concerns Of A Winter Bride

Winter is a beautiful season for weddings, and being the bride you have multiple responsibilities. But in the process you might forget to take care of your skin. During this season it is extremely important to make sure your skin is properly nourished or it can cause problems. Lucky for you, we have got you covered with all the skin tips below!

What Happens To Your Skin In The Winter

Winters can take away the moisture from your skin making it dry and dull. This also leaves it unprotected from the pollution. In the winter, because of the change in humidity levels, your skin can even start cracking and leave you with dark spots or pigmentations problems.

How To Protect Your Bridal Skin

1. Moisturise Your Skin

The first step is to try to replenish the moisture your skin has lost by applying a lotion. In order to get a soft and glowing skin, it is very important to moisturise it regularly.

2. No Hot Showers

In the winters the thought of a hot water bath can be very exciting. But this can further remove the oils from your skin making it dry and lifeless.

3. Use Sunscreen

Yes, even in winters sunscreens are a must. The sun causes a lot of harm to your skin and also leads to dark spots and uneven skin.

4. Drink Lots Of Water

It’s important to hydrate your skin from within. Water has important properties which help you get a clearer and brighter skin.

5. Eat Healthy

What you eat reflects on your skin very easily. Eating the right vegetables and a good intake of vitamins and antioxidants is what your skin needs in the winter.

All these are acceptable solutions to your skin problems, but when you are the bride, you deserve the best. And being the bride also means being able to pamper yourself! The Kaya Insta Clarity Laser is the answer to your concerns. This is an advanced service that uses a Q-switched laser which is declared safe for Indian skin by dermatologists. With this laser procedure, you will be able to get an even and healthy skin for your wedding day.

So go ahead and book an appointment to look the best you can on your wedding day.

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