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Skin Care Tips & Routines in Your 20’s

Skin Care Tips & Routines in Your 20’s

 Your skin needs to be well taken care of. In fact, the skin care you will take in your 20’s will benefit you in later years. Imagine how awesome will you feel when you are in your mid-thirties and you will still look like a 26 year old. We have few easy ways to look after your skin in your twenties.

Wearing sunscreen for UV rays protection and to maintain essential hydration and nutrition

The sun does a lot of damage. If your skin is exposed to sun for long, sooner or later you will have wrinkles, sun spots and dull skin. Even if you have never used a sunscreen before and your skin is already damaged, you can start using one immediately. A good sunscreen will help you reverse the damage caused. It is advisable to use a sunscreen of SPF 15+ and higher. Kaya’s Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen +SPF 30 not only protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays but also helps maintain essential hydration and nourishment for long. With Ultra Bootstar rating of 5, it offers the highest possible UVA protection against tanning and ageing that happens due to sun exposure. To know more:

Invest in a good eye serum to reduce eye wrinkles & puffiness

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate due to which it shows early signs of aging. It is important to balance the level of moisture by restoring it with a good under eye serum. If you work in an office that has air conditioner, then reapply eye serum after every few hours as the skin gets dry. It also helps to reduce under-eye puffiness. Kaya's Intense Clarify HD targets puffiness and discoloration and enhances firmness around your eyes. To know more:

Have a night care routine

Night is the time when our body relaxes and restores. It is also the time your skin cells repair and rejuvenate. So make best use of it and use a good moisturizer that is loaded with antioxidants and fight the free radicals. Dust and pollution damages the skin in the day and makes it dull and lifeless. Kaya’s Overnight Skin Replenisher is a light cream that contains potent Skin Awakening Complex of multi-vitamins B3, B5, A, C and E. It is specially formulated to work at night to deliver anti-oxidant and skin renewal benefits when the skin is most receptive. It recharges dull and stressed skin to improve skin texture and enhance clarity. To know more:

Stay hydrated and keep your skin Moisturized

Skin will look young if it is well hydrated. Drink adequate water in the day, especially during summer. Cold drinks are very tempting but in fact they do lot of damage to your skin. Sip on fresh juices and water as it will help in keeping your skin moisturized. Also, use a good skin moisturizer after a shower to keep the moisture locked in. Kaya’s Daily Care product range nourishes the skin, keeping it soft, smooth and healthy. Kaya's Intense Hydration Body Lotion contains Shea and Kokum Butter that replenishes and restores essential oils in to the skin that is dry. Its 24-hour moisture lock formula prevents moisture loss all day long, leaving your skin soft and smooth to touch.

Also, last but not the least, if you smoke, then you must quit it soon. It leads to premature aging of skin as well.  

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