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Scanty Hair? Balding? Dandruff? Whatever Be Your Problem, We Have The Solution

Scanty Hair? Balding? Dandruff? Whatever Be Your Problem, We Have The Solution

Your hair is your crown, and you must wear it with confidence. Whatever hair problems you have, Kaya will always be at your rescue. Here are some treatments and solutions offered by Kaya.

Kaya Hair Restore Expert and Transplant Solutions

The Hair Restore Expert is a treatment offered by Kaya that controls excessive hair loss and restores hair growth. It targets the root and uses necessary nutrients to protect it and make it stronger. For those cases in which a transplant is the only way to go, Kaya offers Transplant Solutions in which hair follicles are transplanted from a specific donor area to a recipient area. Hair follicles help grow new hair cells and push the old dead ones away. It is then treated until the hair starts showing actual growth on its own.

Kaya Hair Health Boost System

The Kaya Hair Health Boost System is specially designed for all hair types and needs. It comprises of four products that focus on fighting dandruff and hair fall (Anti-dandruff Shampoo, Anti-dandruff Lotion, Nourishing Shampoo, Hair Health Gel) and also therapies to boost the health of the root and scalp. The end result of this system is shinier, healthier and stronger hair. Regular use of these products will ensure lesser hair problems in the future.

Kaya Targeted Root Regen System

The Targeted Root Regen System is the ultimate hair loss solution. Its prime focus is giving strength and protection to the roots. It also helps to prevent the thinning of the hair and makes it appear voluminous. The treatment comprises of therapy with rejuvenation followed by nourishment and ends with laser therapy. All treatments offered by Kaya are minimally invasive and show immediate, impressive results. Even with all these treatments, it is necessary that we start taking basic care of our bodies to be healthier and avoid not only hair but also other possible bodily problems. 

Hair loss can be a real bother, but we have a permanent solution for you with Kaya’s Expert Transplant Solutions.

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