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Saying goodbye to pigmentation is easy with Kaya

Saying goodbye to pigmentation is easy with Kaya

Layering your face in foundation and concealers can come in handy when it comes to covering dark spots and patches. However, if you’re looking for something that’ll last longer and is healthier, you’ll need to take your skincare routine to the next level.

Use these products that cater exclusively to treating pigmentation woes and feel the difference.

Kaya Nourishing Day Cream with Triple Benefits

This is a 3-1 cream that protects and nourishes your skin, giving your skin a healthy glow. Azelaic Acid and Glycin reduce the production of melanin, while vitamin C fights free radicals that cause aging and improves your skin’s texture.

UV protection elements guard against harmful UVA and UVB radiation.

Kaya Nourishing Night Cream with Antioxidants

Packed with triple action ingredients, this cream reduces visible pigmentation in the skin.

The intrinsic formula of the cream repairs sensitive skin from damage due to exposure. Exotic extracts of Imperata Cylindrica nourish your skin and provide some much-needed hydration. Skin-lightening complex ingredients like Azelaic Acid and the Glycin control the production of melanin to give you a lighter complexion.

Kaya Insta Brightening Micro Mask

Unlike the above creams, you need not use this one every day. Exfoliate your face using one of our products like White Resilience, and gently rub the Insta Brightening Micro Mask on your skin evenly. Its deep action Pigmentation Reduction Complex content controls the production and release of melanin on different layers of the skin.

This transparent gel-based mask releases brightening antioxidants into your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. Its unique blend of grape and mulberry extracts reduces dullness and quickly gives skin some radiance.

For best results, follow up the Nourishing Day Cream that you use in the morning with Nourishing Night Cream at night; this ensures quicker results—a clearer and healthier complexion.

So if you’re troubled by your uneven pigmented skin tone, drop in at one of the Kaya clinics. Our team of expert doctors and therapists is at hand to ensure that you get the best service and products, to help you regain youthful-looking skin.

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