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Say goodbye to pigmentation with Kaya Skin Care

Say goodbye to pigmentation with Kaya Skin Care

You can’t help but live with these issues, because your skin is constantly exposed to harmful UVA rays and pollution.

If you can take some time off every day to tend to these issues using skincare products or homemade cures, your skin gradually heals itself. However, if you lead a busy life and want quick results, then you should try concealment with makeup.

Alternatively, you can go with the effective Pigmentation Reduction System treatment offered by Kaya Skin Clinic.

What’s pigmentation reduction system?

Pigmentation Reduction System is a perfect amalgamation of high-quality skincare products and advanced technology, designed to help you achieve youthful and lighter-feeling skin. Depending upon the blemishes on your skin, you will be suggested a series of treatments by Kaya Skin Clinic experts.

How will this treatment affect my skin?

When you opt for the Pigmentation Reduction System, you’ll be suggested to take up Intense Clarity Peel, Insta Clarity Laser Action, or Lighten and De-tan Facial, depending upon your skin condition.

Intense Clarity Peel is a tri-active peel combination system that exfoliates your skin and removes dark spots and patches. This treatment has minimal down time, which means you can carry on with your work with no hitches.

Insta Clarity Laser Action targets the pigmented spots directly with a Q-Switched laser and slows down the action of melanin. This session gives your skin tone an even finish that’s smooth to the touch.

If you want to begin with something basic, Lighten and De-tan facial is the right service for you; your skin is exfoliated thoroughly using a Micro Dermabrasion tool that extracts free radicals. Your skin is then gently massaged using an aloe vera gel, followed by Vitamin-C enriched system. Once this is done, Kaya Skin Clinic Advanced Facial Mask with Biomask is applied to the face.Know about various treatments for pigmentation available at kaya.

Which skincare products at Kaya would work well for you?  

Kaya Skin Care Nourishing Day Cream with Triple Benefits, Nourishing Night Cream with Antioxidants, and Insta Brightening Micro Mask are some of the products that work effectively on discoloured or unevenly pigmented skin. Using Kaya Nourishing Day Cream in the morning and Kaya Nourishing Night Cream just before bed, on a regular basis, will help you get a clear and blemish-free complexion.

Insta Brightening Micro Mask, with its grape and mulberry extracts, helps you reduce the dullness of your face and gain a visibly brighter skin tone within a short period.

Don’t let unevenly coloured skin get in the way of you living your life to the fullest. Get treated by the experts at Kaya Skin Care and say hello to flawless, radiant skin.

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