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Say Goodbye To Frizzy Thin Tresses This Monsoon!

Say Goodbye To Frizzy Thin Tresses This Monsoon!

Just when you think that the monsoons will bring some relief from the sweltering heat and the general lack of comfort faced during the summer, you realize that monsoon also brings its own set of problems with it. Dealing with frizz, hair fall and dull hair is something that we all experience as soon as the first showers hit! However, with the right care, your hair can get its bounce back! Read on to find out how.

Causes Of Thin And Frizzy Hair

Hair is hygroscopic in nature due to which it absorbs the moisture in humid conditions and swells during the rain, splitting the cuticles along the strands and making them dry. Other factors like pollutants and dirt that come along with the rain cause hair to become dry, weak and brittle. During the monsoons, you tend to get wet when you venture out. Trying to detangle such wet hair by combing it is another reason that leads to hair fall. This is the time when your hair needs the right care and maintenance.

Getting the Volume Back

There is nothing like the feeling of having voluminous bouncy hair during rains.Many volumizing hair products leave your hair dry and frizzy. Designed by the Kaya Dermatologists, the Kaya Volume Enhance And Energise Ritual infuses moisture, softness and volume to your flat limp hair making them look lustrous and bouncy.

This expert ritual gives a fusion of natural extracts to your hair making them bouncy, soft and voluminous.  Along with regular sessions of the ritual you should also use the right products to take proper care of your hair at home.

The Kaya’s Vital Volume Product Regime contains natural ingredients like rice proteins, fruit extracts, green tea and exotic oils to restores luster and stimulate hair strands to give up to 2X volume boost for fuller and denser looking hair.

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