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Say Bye to Bad Breath

Say Bye to Bad Breath

All of us are aware that in the morning we look like a mess and our breath smells horrible. In the night, since there is no saliva flow, it leads to dehydrated mouth and encourages multiplication of bacteria. If you eat food that is high in sulphate like onions, garlic or even spicy food, it can cause bad breath. If you brush and floss daily, it will take care of the bad breath. You can chew some mint or have gum to get the juices flowing in your mouth and help you deal with bad breath.

If the problem continues you have to take necessary actions to keep bad breath away.

The problem is not all of us are aware of the issue, so how do you find it out? One way is to use a dental floss to clean the teeth and once done smell the floss. The other tried and tested method is to lick the back of your hand, let the saliva stay there for 10 mins and then smell it. If your mouth has high amount of sulphides, it will smell.

Most of the bacteria found in the mouth, thrive on the tongue. To prevent bad breath, besides flossing and brushing we advise you to clean your tongue with a tongue scraper. You can find one in metal or plastic, it can remove lot bacteria from your tongue.

Consume healthy carbs to get rid of bad breath. Consume apples, celery and carrots to beat bad breath. Chewing on them increases the production of saliva and keeps bad breath away. Vegetables encourage alkaline ecosystem in your mouth which cuts down bad breath issues.

Drink lot of water as it lubricates your mouth and keeps bacteria away. Sodas, coffee and iced teas do not help to fight bad breath as it encourages production of citric acid. These drinks also remove the enamel from your teeth leading to tooth decay.

The other way to beat bad breath is to use mouth washes. Go for ones that do not have alcohol as they will cause dehydration and increase the bad breath.

Smoking also causes bad breath so steer away from smoking. It does not allow healthy flow of saliva and hinders normal functioning of your mouth. This increases bacteria production and leads to bad breath issues.

Tooth decay or cavities can lead to bad breath too. It is advisable to meet your dentist and get these issues addressed. Diabetes issues and sinusitis can also lead to bad breath.

At times even bad breath can be caused due to side effect of a medicine, so do check the medications you consume on regular basis. Even when you consume these medications, do consume adequate water with it.  

Gargle your mouth with water and lemon juice. Lemon juice helps to refresh the breath and also kills the bacteria. It is the healthiest way to fight bad breath.

Having bad breath is very embarrassing and it can happen to anyone. We know it is difficult to tell a loved one or a colleague that they have bad breath. But if you really care about someone, let it not stop you.

Hope the above suggestions help you overcome bad breath problems and keep it at bay.

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