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Reduce Pigmentation, Not Your Confidence

Reduce Pigmentation, Not Your Confidence

Everyone dreams of having clear, healthy looking skin. Pigmentation can cause a lot of embarrassment since it restricts you from achieving your dream of clear skin. You have to resort to caking your face with make-up to hide it, which is also not 100% effective. It can hamper your confidence and make you extremely self-conscious. Find out how you can reduce your pigmentation and not your confidence!

Causes Of Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation affects a lot of women and its causes are many. Sun exposure can be blamed for pigmentation. Excessive exposure to the sun causes the skin to produce more melanin. This excess melanin gets deposited under the skin, similar to what happens when you get a tan. The other reason for pigmentation can be hormonal imbalance caused due to pregnancy and other factors. Another reason for pigmentation could be stubborn scars left behind by acne.

Effective Pigmentation Reduction

Sometimes products alone are not enough for reducing skin pigmentation. This is where the Kaya Insta Clarity Laser Action – Laser Treatment For Pigmentation comes in. This is one of the best ways of treating dark spots, uneven skin tone or any unwanted pigmentation. This technology makes use of Q-Switch Laser which is idea for Indian skin tones and targets the concerned area without disturbing the area surrounding it.

The treatment offers visible results in one session, although in order to achieve optimum results, 6 to 8 sessions are required. The best part about this service is that it is completely pain-free and takes as less as 15 minutes.

Usually after the treatment, the dermatologists advice you to use sunscreen products and other skin brightening products to prevent further occurrences of pigmentation.

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