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Red wine & Resveratrol: Secrets to Anti-Aging

Red wine & Resveratrol: Secrets to Anti-Aging

Terrified by the thought of aging, most women make futile attempts to cover up any evidence of aging. They find themselves frantically searching the internet for quick fixes. What if there was a secret ingredient that could do the trick for you? Not only does it work wonders on your skin, but it tastes great too. Curious? This secret ingredient is none other than red wine. 

Anti-aging properties :

  Posts about anti-aging properties of red wine have been making rounds on the internet. You might be wondering if this is true. Well, the antioxidant properties present in red wine, helps to fight off free radicals. This does indeed go a long way in making your skin look youthful. One of the anti-oxidant properties, Resveratrol, has the scientific world in a hearty uproar. Recent studies conducted have shown that Resveratrol have specific enzymes in them which stimulate DNA repair and cell generation. Pharmacists are studying the workings of this antioxidant and are hoping to create an anti-aging pill in the near future. Though there are supplements of Resveratrol found in the market, they aren’t effective. This antioxidant is responsible for the red colour of your wine. It is found in the skin of grapes, the seeds and the stem as well. 

Red Wine vs. White Wine :

Why drink red wine over white wine? Research shows that red wine is better than white wine when it comes to altering the aging process. White wine too has the constituents of Resveratrol, but in a milder concentration. The reason red wine has a higher concentration of resveratrol is because of the way it is made. Traditional red wines are made from grapes which are fermented for more than three weeks. These grapes are fermented along with their skins and seed. This in fact helps to extract the maximum amount of Resveratrol. This is why red wine is preferred over white wine to ward off the signs of aging. 

Other Benefits :

Other than red wine fighting off anti-aging, it also has other benefits. Red wine also helps to fight off cancerous cells, reduce the risk of diabetes etc. Now that you know all these impressive benefits of red wine, you’re probably wondering how much of it do you need to drink? Too much of a good thing can eventually be a bad thing. To really enjoy the anti-aging benefits of wine, researchers advice to drink 200 – 300 mg of wine daily. This means one or two small glasses of red wine, with a capacity of 125 ml each. This will do the trick of slowing down the aging process. It is important to remember that red wine on its own is ineffective. A healthy diet and lifestyle combined with a few sips of red wine will gift you with youthful skin. You can integrate a healthy diet of sea food, green vegetables, whole grains etc. along with an active and healthy lifestyle. 
Now go ahead get your bottle of red wine out, kick back, take a sip and age gracefully. For severe skin ageing issues, consult our dermatologist for skin ageing treatments. Read our blogs to learn more on facial skin tightening & firming.

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