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Q-Switched Laser to Treat Melasma, Age Spots, Freckles & to Remove Tattoos

Q-Switched Laser to Treat Melasma, Age Spots, Freckles & to Remove Tattoos

Lasers have been the true workhorses in removing well-defined brown spots for more than a decade now. Further innovations in laser technologies have provided dermatologists a tool that can literally change the face, body and legs of patients in dramatic ways. Q-switched lasers are a class of laser devices used to improve skin discolourations like freckles and age spots, brown or pigmented lesions of the skin including sun or liver spots which are common on the face, back of the hands, arms, and legs, birthmarks and tattoos.

Q-switched lasers specifically target and eliminate pigment within the skin without injuring surrounding skin. The laser energy pulse, which is in billionths of a second, microscopically disrupts the pigment into tiny particles that are released into the skin and naturally cleaned-up by the body's lymphatic system.

The Q-switched laser is appropriate if you have a few isolated coloured spots, large or small, that you would like to remove. The Q-switched laser is also effective against sunspots on the chest, arms or legs.

Melasma is a common type of facial pigmentation, particularly in women. It typically appears as a blotchy brown pigmentation on the central face. The cornerstone treatment for melasma has been a topical bleaching cream. We commonly perform chemical peels to exfoliate the skin and lighten pigment as well. Q-switched is a unique laser melasma treatment, which (unlike aggressive laser treatments which can actually make melasma worse) is gentle with minimal discomfort and very beneficial in lightening stubborn facial pigmentation.    

The beauty of this service is, most patients undergo a ten-minute treatment and there is no pain or downtime! A single treatment usually removes a major portion of an individual brown spot.  Depending on your skin’s requirement, 3-6 sessions may be needed to completely neutralize the colour.

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