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Product Of The Month

Product Of The Month

Monsoons come with struggles of their own. With the changing climate and pouring rain. Skincare can be tricky. Rainwater can be bad for not only your hair but also your skin. Meet your Skin’s new Best Friend, Kaya’s Ultra-Light Aquagel Sunscreen. The Ultra-Light Aquagel sunscreen is a gel based weightless formula that is a perfect fit for oily-acne prone skin. The Indian express called it the product for all seasons. With its natural actives, anti-oxidants and vitamins, Kaya’s sunscreen gives you superior sun protection and a vibrant look.

How Does It Work

The Ultra-Light Sunscreen is super light quite literally and keeps your skin completely hydrated and protected even in this unpredictable weather. Worried that it will leave a white cast after applying? Guess what, it won’t. It serves as the perfect primer before applying makeup too!

When To Use

Your skincare routine should include the Sunscreen in the morning right before applying your makeup

How To Apply

You should apply the sunscreen on thoroughly all over your face, neck and hands.

Safe On The Skin

This Sunscreen is a super Sunscreen as its specially been designed for acne-oily prone skin and will not just prevent breakouts but erase them. Check out what Our Dermatologist Recommends

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