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Pregnancy And Menopause Causes Hair Fall

Pregnancy And Menopause Causes Hair Fall

Pregnancy is a life changing event that alters your body in so many ways, be it physically or emotionally. But with pregnancy come so many health problems, one of them being hair fall.  Although this shedding of hair is temporary, it can have a negative impact on your hair growth in the long run.

Here’s how pregnancy and menopause affects your hair.

How Does Pregnancy And Menopause Affect Hair?

Pregnancy And Hair fall

Hair fall during pregnancy has many causes, a major one of them being hormonal imbalance. Normally, 90% of our hair grow while the remaining 10% go into the resting phase. During pregnancy, the secretion of the hormone 'progesterone’ increases which stops hair fall. This makes your hair appear voluminous. But as soon as your hormones get back on track, this effect vanishes, leading to excessive hair fall. Such hair fall can mostly be witnessed during the first 2-3 months after delivery. Another reason for hair fall during pregnancy is the lack of nutrients.If you’ve been consuming an improper diet, a deficiency of iron and protein can make your hair strands fall off.

Menopause And Hair Fall

Just like pregnancy, hair starts falling even during menopause. Those going through this phase experience extreme hormonal upheavals. During this period, the secretion of  two important hormones; progesterone and estrogen decreases. This increases the shedding of hair. While the level of these hormones goes down, the body starts releasing excess amount of androgens. These hormones block the hair follicles, causing hair fall and hair thinning.

Is There A Way To Treat This Hair Fall?

We know, hair fall has troubled you alot! It’s time to stop it right there! Kaya offers a range of hair fall treatments which act on all spectrums of your hair. The dermatologists at Kaya examine your hair and recommend a step by step plan. Once the treatment is carried out, follow ups are also arranged to keep your results and progress in check.

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This is how heredity and hormones can affect your hair.

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