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The Difference Between Botox And Facial Fillers

The Difference Between Botox And Facial Fillers

Let your hair and skin switch on their party mode this Navratri. If you are worried about the damage the hairspray and products will cause to your hair and skin, we have a post Navratri detox kit ready for you!  

Kaya Hair Health Gel

Backcomb your hair, set it with your preferred product and don’t think twice about the damage! The Kaya Hair Health Gel  is specifically formulated to reach the hair at its root and help control hair loss. Its innovative protein, mineral and vitamin complex promotes hair growth & stronger healthier hair. Special herbal extracts like Saw Palmetto, Gingkobiloba & Hibiscus nourish the hair from within.  

Kaya Hair Health Boost System

If just a product application is not an option you prefer, you can choose to experience a rejuvenating hair treatment. The Kaya Hair Health Boost System  is a specialized therapy that adds lustre and strength to your hair. Making sure your crowning glory is taken care off, this treatment does wonders for all hair types.

Kaya Skin Health Routine

While you are enjoying the Navratri festival, your skin has been exposed to a lot of chemicals through makeup products. Is there a way to revive your skin post Navratri? Of course, with the Kaya Skin Health Routine . This 3 step routine nourishes your skin, keeping it soft and healthy. The kit contains the Soothing Cleansing Gel, Revitalising Tonic and a Daily Use Sunscreen +SPF1 5 that work together to give you that gorgeous skin you have always dreamt off. You can take a look at the customer reviews for the product too.

 Kaya Skin Recovery Night Cream

We are sure your Navratri was one amazing week! But, now it’s time to take care of your skin to leave it looking fresh and healthy. The Kaya Skin Awakening Recovery Night Cream consists of multi-vitamin complex that makes your skin bright and illuminated. With the refreshing feel of orange bloom, your skin feels alive and soft.  

These products along with a good diet can do wonders for your skin and hair. So here are some Tips For Eating Well 

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