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Post-Halloween Hair Tips

Post-Halloween Hair Tips

Change back to your fabulous self, post Halloween! We know the tugging, heat and colour you have exposed your hair too, just to fit the part. Now it’s time for your hair to get some TLC, you ready? Take a peek below and put your hair into an R and R mode.  

Hair Masks

Hydrate your hair with a homemade mask filled with all the good ingredients. Leave the mask on for atleast 30 minutes before you rinse it off. This will strengthen and repair your hair from all that styling during Halloween. You can try different combinations like avocado and egg yolk or honey and yogurt, for best results.  

Deep Conditioning

Whenever we wash our hair, we hardly have time to condition the ends appropriately. This leaves them dry and under nourished. With all that heat styling, it’s important to deep condition the hair for atleast 15 minutes before washing it out. This will make your hair smoother, silkier and stronger!    


Hair oils nourish the hair and reduce hair loss too. There are several hair oils you can use for a healthy look. Sometimes coconut oil tends to work on certain hair types and for the rest it leaves them dry. Test out a little oil on your scalp to find the most suitable hair oil for you.  

Wondering How To Nourish Your Hair With A Hair Mask? 

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