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Pocket Nutritionist

Pocket Nutritionist

Self-determination aside, a lot of the times, we fail because we don’t know better or have no idea how to whip up a healthy meal beyond that boring salad, and it doesn’t help that the unhealthy options are at arms’ reach. This is where your omnipresent gadgets can come handy. You use them anyway, so just make them work harder and to your advantage. Here’s how:

Download the Recipe App. There are 1000s of free smartphone apps out there, download one that will introduce you not only to healthy recipes but also give you an exact nutritional profile of it. You can get customised recipes as per your needs, too. For example, low carb recipes or gluten-free recipes. App Recommendation: Nutrino – Your Personal Nutritionist (iPhone), Diet Recipes and Plans (iPhone), Athlete Recipes (iPhone & Android)

Track it through Photos. If you love taking photos, then this app is a fun and easy way to track what you eat. It’s especially helpful when you are eating out. Simply take a picture of the food in front of you and let the app calculate the calories and give you an exact breakdown of what’s on your plate. This is a quick way to keep your calorie count in check and sift through the unhealthy options on your plate.

App Recommendation: PhotoCalorie (iPhone)

Let your phone plan your meals. Yes, that’s right! You can use apps to plan entire meals through the day. Feed in your weight, age, height, etc., and the app will churn out customised meal plans tailored to your requirements. Some apps even go as far as taking your cuisine preference into account.

App Recommendation: Ask the Nutritionist, Quick Diet Apps (iPhone & Android)

Keep a food diary. If you are not looking to go hard-core and simply want to track and measure your calorie intake, then these apps are just what you need. Every time you eat, feed in the details and it will keep an up-to-date record of it. You can use this information to make changes in your diet as and when required. And, if going the app way is not your preferred option, simply use your phone or computer as a basic diary to keep track of what you eat, how many times you eat, and use the data to monitor your habits. Conscious knowledge is all it takes to make the necessary changes.

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