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Permanent, Comfortable And Safe: Laser Hair Removal Is The Way To Go

Permanent, Comfortable And Safe: Laser Hair Removal Is The Way To Go

Remember those parties when you missed the chance to wear your little black dress only because your busy schedule didn’t spare you some time to wax? If so, it’s time to stop losing out on such opportunities. With laser hair removal that offers a solution for permanent hair reduction, you won’t have to worry about paying a timely visit to your parlour anymore. Here’s how laser hair removal makes your life easier.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

A Comfortable Procedure

Who wouldn’t love to sit back and enjoy a pain-free hair removal process? With laser hair removal, that is exactly what you can do! The laser used in this service directly reaches your hair roots without leaving your skin in agony caused by burns or inflammation as compared to waxing.

Permanent Hair Reduction

Tied up in completing your office chores? No worries! Laser hair removal leads to a permanent reduction in your hair growth thus refraining you from taking out some special time from your busy schedule just to wax. This treatment eliminates your hair when it is in its growing phase. This helps in reducing hair growth drastically. Moreover, when the laser light used in this service targets your hair bulbs, it eventually makes your hair thinner, reducing the overall visibility of your body hair.

No Ingrown Hair

Be it waxing or shaving, both are equally capable of leaving your skin with bumpy ingrown hair. But that’s not the case with laser hair removal. This treatment directly hits the hair follicles and gets rid of body hair without causing hair ingrowth. It is the best option if you wish to put an end to ingrown hair.

Cost Effective

Are you walking into your nearby parlour for a wax, considering that you will save a lot more money as compared to laser hair removal treatments? If  so then you’ve got it all wrong! In the long run, with laser hair removal you tend to save a lot more than waxing or any other hair removal methods. Here’s how laser hair removal helps you in making a larger saving.

Laser Hair Removal At Kaya

The Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch Laser Hair Reduction offers a permanent solution to reducing unwanted body hair. This service makes use of US FDA approved laser light technology which is absolutely safe for Indian skin type. This laser penetrates your skin and targets hair follicles without causing harm to the surrounding area of your skin.

At Kaya, the laser hair removal procedure is carried out by certified Kaya therapists who are given an in-depth training before certifying them to execute this service. They make sure that your session is pain-free and completely safe. The only thing that you may experience during the process is a tingling sensation.

As the effect of Laser Hair Removal varies according to your skin type, hair growth and so on, the service is divided into 3 steps. The dermatologists at Kaya begin the treatment by thoroughly analysing your skin and hair. Once the analysis is done, a customized plan is created as per your skin concern.

The dermatologists at Kaya recommend a minimum of 6 sessions to obtain smooth, hair-free skin.

Hence, if you’re looking for a totally safe hair removal procedure, laser hair removal is your way to go!

Don’t let your skin wait anymore to be smooth and hair-free. Book an appointment at Kaya immediately!

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