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Pamper Your Skin This Diwali Season


The festive season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to prep your skin to avoid last minutes hassles. Light up your skin this Diwali with these services from Kaya!

Beauty Facials

Exfoliate your skin this Diwali and look as young as ever! The Expert Beauty Facials by Kaya's comprehensive range of beauty facials has been uniquely designed by dermatologists for different skin types and needs. You can find facials for skin hydration, rejuvenation, purification, age reversal, and skin whitening. The facials relax the skin and revive its natural glow and helps your skin cells to replicate the healthier cells. This will give you a better complexion and visibly clearer skin. Facials increase the circulation of blood right under the skin, which gives the skin resources to maintain optimal health and to renew skin cells. All the waste and chemicals that settle under the skin are removed and cleansed on a deeper level. It is advised to have monthly facials to achieve long term results.

Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch

Don’t let the crowded parlours and salons hold you back from wearing your favourite outfit this Diwali. If you wish to get rid of the hassles of painful waxing and threading every two weeks then opt for a permanent painless solutions. Kaya’s Hair Free Gentle Touch is a laser hair removal technique. It is a comfortable, painless and permanent hair reduction solution that uses modern innovations. It is very advisable to use this technique for facial and underarm hair removal. The laser technology is US-FDA approved and has been customised for the Indian skin. It targets the active growth and reduces the growth from the roots itself. The hair growth becomes negligible. The process is carried out by skilled professionals and the treatment after the process focusses on reviving the natural glow of the skin.

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