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Nodular/Cystic Acne Treatment & FAQs


Nodular acne is a severe form of acne which is known to affect the face, chest, and back.


What is Cystic/Nodular Acne?

This form of acne is characterized by multiple nodules, which are inflamed. These breakouts are often painful and are more serious than your normal pimples. These nodules are larger and affect deeper layers of your skin. Unlike normal acne which heals relatively quicker, these nodules last for long periods of time. The blemishes formed from these are like hard knots beneath the skin. This form of acne causes severe and obstinate scarring, which has to be treated by a professional dermatologist.


What are the Causes of Cystic/Nodular Acne?

The exact cause of cystic acne hasn’t been confirmed. But it is known that the androgen hormones play a role. The level of the androgen hormones increase in your body as you enter into your teenage years. This increase in the hormone level can cause changes in your skin. These changes can cause your skin pores to get blocked or clogged which results in acne. Other than this, genetics is another cause for Nodular/cystic acne. If one or both the parents have a history of this form of severe acne, there is greater chance of you suffering from it too.


What are the Symptoms of Cystic Acne?

70 – 80 % of people are affected by acne at some point of their life. The symptoms of acne are familiar to all of us. The Nodular acne symptoms are more visible because of the presence of severe cysts and nodules. In addition to these, there are also inflammatory papules and pustules. In most cases, acne does not produce physical symptoms which can be felt by the person suffering from them. But in the case of Nodular acne, the cysts formed are painful and causes physical distress to the sufferer.


What are the Recommended Treatments or Solutions for Nodular/Cystic Acne?

The nodular acne treatment is performed with the help of specialized doctors. These treatments begin with a mandatory examination by the dermatologist. The cyst will be diagnosed when 5 or more cysts are present in addition to more than 100 comedones. Sometimes the nodular acne treatment might be challenging and requires a combination of medicines. One of the treatments recommended for Nodular/cystic acne is Isotretinoin. This is a known cystic acne cure. It is advised to start the treatment at an early stage, and it may last for up to 5 months. Some of the further courses recommended for people suffering from Nodular/cystic acne are:

Oral Antibiotics

Systemic Steroids

Intralesional Steroids

Hormonal Therapy in Women

These treatments are advised to be used at an early stage so that severe scarring can be avoided. It is also advised to avoid touching or picking the cysts, as this may cause the infection to be pushed deeper or spread it.To treat cystic acne consult our trusted and experienced dermatologist.
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