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My Time To Shine – A Bride’s Journey To The Big Day

My Time To Shine – A Bride’s Journey To The Big Day

My wedding was right around the corner, and I was…….stressing out. A lot.

As work and time passed, my skin started showing the effects of daily exertions. All my habits accumulated and made my skin dull, my hair lifeless, lacking their natural glow and bounce. I wanted to make sure that everything goes perfectly well. I found myself agreeing with the Kaya philosophy, which basically asked one question, ‘why not look flawless for a longer duration of time, even after your special day?’ Long-term effects were what they were offering and after realising that, I took their bridal package without a second thought.

Their service is such that you won’t feel ignored or uncared for. Instead, you will be treated well and end up feeling rejuvenated. Their team of dermatologists made me feel safe and secure, as if I was in the right hands. They tailored a package which was most suitable for my skin type. I am happy with my choice, of joining hands with Kaya family.

- Riya Goyal

For a woman, the wedding day is the biggest day of her life and we understand that. Things get stressful and this is when the bride needs to be cared for the most, mind, body and soul. Riya came to us for a Kaya bridal package, which holistically takes care of hair as well as skin. We took a proper consultation, diagnosed her skin problems as well as hair problems, and then crafted a regime just for her.

Kaya’s Wedding Rituals approach is a 3-step process for wedding rituals in which we:

1. Identify the essential deep-rooted and enhancement services based on what the skin needs

2. Treat the patient with services which we provide promptly to get synergistic effects

3. After the treatment, our experts will guide you calmly on how to sustain the effects of the treatment and the creams and various products you could use for the same  


One can choose from an array of bridal services which Kaya provides, like:

- Full Body Hair Removal

- Skin Pigmentation Services

- Skin Rejuvenation

- Beauty Facial

- Health Care Products  

1. Kaya Laser Hair Removal employs US FDA approved laser technology which targets the hair follicles and not the skin around them, ensuring a safer procedure. It treats hair follicles from the root so that it prevents further growth. Body hair grows in three phases, but only the hair that is in growing stage can be targeted during this treatment. The most definite thing about this treatment? No more unnecessary, time-consuming trips to the salon for painful waxing sessions. In fact, it will end up saving you quite a bit of money in the long run, and in the short run, while all your ceremonies, it will definitely give you some time off as you wouldn't have to rush to the parlour during your month of pure perfection.

2. Skin Pigmentation Services by Kaya consists of two major treatments in the bridal package, the Insta Clarity Laser, which uses Q Switch technology that helps with focusing the target on pigmentation, solely. Chemical Peels can also be highly beneficial. They are essentially face masks made with a unique blend of chemicals which will exfoliate your skin, giving way to new and flawless skin.

3. Skin Rejuvenation Services includes Natural Skin Rejuvenation with PRP  which helps the skin by building collagen to restore and revive your collagen. It also has Dermal Fillers which helps the skin regain its elasticity and tone facial muscles. One can consult any of the skilled dermatologists we have, to know the treatment which would be your perfect fit.

4. Beauty Facials and Services is a range of complex facials designed by dermatologists to give the exact care each skin type needs. Our beauty technicians are going to help you out with exactly the kind of treatment your skin type will need.

5. Products – In the Bridal Package, after each treatment, one must keep using particular skincare or haircare products to prolong the effects of the procedure. Kaya dermatologists help you out with the aftercare, a proper end-to-end service.

We believe that beauty has more value than just for one day. Be beautiful today, tomorrow and the ever after.

Do you have a hair routine? Do you do anything to take care of that glossy mane? If not you may want to read Look After Your Hair And Scalp With the 360° Hair Elixir Ritual. This is a wholesome solution to get those long locks back to their original health.  


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