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Must-have things in woman’s bag

Must-have things in woman’s bag

But woman’s handbag is her best friend as it always has few essentials which saves their day should things go haywire. Stuff like keys, wallet or credit cards are usually found in their bags but besides that the bag has another set of items that very woman needs.

Here is a list of must-have items for every woman.

Safety pins

They are a blessing to women as they save you from lot of awkwardness and discomfort when suddenly your shirt button falls off or your kurta tears. The humble safety pin always is your reliable saviour. So always have them in your bag.

Hair pins or rubber bands

It is advisable to have few bobby pins or hair scrunchies in case your hair clip broke. Besides your comb, carry few rubber bands and hair pins so that you can have a new look if you plan to go out in the evening. Also they will help you cover up a bad hair day.


A never-miss-it product to protect your skin from sun damage, having sunscreen in your bag is a good idea. There are times when you forget to apply it or you are in a hurry that you skip it. Also in case you need to reapply it, having one in your bag will help you. Keep a sunscreen that has SPF 30+. Kaya’s Sweat Proof Sunscreen SPF 30+ is water and sweat resistant. Sunscreen delivering up to 8 hour broad spectrum protection against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Get one right away:


Yes!! We know it is always there, but just emphasizing on it as we always have debit cards or credit cards. It is always a good idea to have some paper money in various denominations tucked away in a safe place. It will come to help in case of emergencies like loss of debit or credit card or worse you might lose your entire wallet. So carry some hard cash in one corner of your bag.


Don’t want an ugly headache to ruin your day? We know how it feels to have a dull headache or a body ache crop out of nowhere. To counter it, have few aspirins or painkillers in your bag. It will help you beat the long stressful day coming your way. Having said that, it is advisable to not overdo the intake of painkillers, it can get harmful. Use it only in the case of an emergency.

Baby wipes

Whether you have a baby or not, having baby wipes in your bag is a great idea. They are so handy- right from wiping your hands to cleaning your face. They will moisturize your skin and gently clean your skin.

Compact mirror

Mirror mirror, in the bag! Always a good friend when you need to do your hair or apply makeup. It is also helpful when you need to remove your contact lenses or check if something is stuck in your eye. The trusted compact mirror should always be a part of your bag.

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