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Must have foods during pregnancy

Must have foods during pregnancy

Fruits and vegetables

They are loaded with fibre, vitamins and folic acid. They help you to overcome morning sickness and digestion issues. During pregnancy you may face issues of indigestion and constipation. Including fruits and vegetables in your diet will help to smoothen the digestion process. Ensure you eat freshly cut fruits and well-cooked fresh vegetables to reduce chances of infections.

Green leafy vegetables I

t is important for you to have folic acid, iron and vitamin A, as these are good for bone and skin growth as well as for eye-sight. You should include spinach; fenugreek leaves in your daily diet. Consuming spinach soup is best way to get your daily dose of nutrients.

Coconut water

To prevent fatigue during pregnancy, drink tender coconut water. It is loaded with magnesium, vitamin C and calcium. It also helps you in digestion. Drinking coconut water will also keep away dehydration.

Fruit juices

It is important to intake vitamin C during your pregnancy. Include lots of citrus juices like orange and fresh lime in your diet. Incorporate lots of fresh fruit juices as they are rich in healthy nutrients that are essential for the development of your child.


For healthy bone development of your child, it is essential that you consume adequate calcium. Milk is rich with calcium nutrients, so it is advisable to have adequate amount of milk.


Rich in vitamin B and proteins, Paneer is also good during pregnancy.  Try to have at least 100 to 200 gms of Paneer in your daily diet.


Curd not only helps your body to cool down but it is also loaded with folic acid and vitamin B. Have it in the form of buttermilk or lassi and you will feel refreshed.


Rich in proteins and fibre, oats help keep constipation away during pregnancy. It is important you eat it during your pregnancy. Having it as breakfast or during dinner time will help you stay fit.


A big bowl of lentils is loaded with enough zinc, calcium, iron and folic acid. You can also have sprouted pulses as they are rich in calcium. Have a bowl of lentils every day to provide your child with proteins and fibre.


Feel like snacking between meals? Grab a handful of nuts like almonds, walnuts and pistachios. They are loaded with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. They will improve your good cholesterol and keep the bad cholesterol in check.

Sweet potatoes

Rich in copper and beta-carotene and vitamin B6, sweet potato is essential during pregnancy.


Eggs are a good source of amino acids that is required for your baby’s brain development. Just ensure you do not consume half cooked or uncooked eggs.  

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