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Must-Have Accessories This Monsoon

Must-Have Accessories This Monsoon

. While monsoons are the best time to shine in your happy and lively outfits, there are certain fashion accessories without which your monsoon ensemble would be incomplete.

Here are select fashion accessories to suit the rain god’s season:  

  • Silicone Watches

Say Hi to these colourful and vibrant watches which will bring a tinge of colour to the all cloudy weather. They are waterproof and trendy, gorgeous and sparkling and also easily available.  

  • Waterproof phone covers

And what is that one biggest fear we all have during monsoons? We know it’s the anxiety of phone getting doused in rain water. Why take a risk when you have the choice of purchasing a waterproof phone cover? Plus, they are available in trendy designs and colours. So hurry up and get yourself a phone cover which can guard your phone from the rains.    

  • Head wraps

Head-wraps, head scarves and trendy jewelled turbans — this is one hair trend that is totally in this season These head accessories are fabulously comfortable and stylish and we are sure you absolutely cannot wait to get your hands on them! When the dampness gets the better of your locks, there is no cooler way to look chic than to sport a super stylish turban to make your hair behave.  

  • Tank tops and loose Tees

Sleeves tank tops and loose t-shirts sure are one of the best options during rains. Shorts with tank tops or skirts with tank tops – either makes for an awesome rainy day outfit.   

  • Beaded jewellery

Always be original when it comes to jewellery and the best way to do that is wear beaded jewellery that’s either made of plastic or wood. This type of jewellery keeps you looking trendy and keeps away all the allergies. If you are keen to don on a classy look then the best option is wearing real water pearl jewellery. 

  • Waterproof Makeup

Just because it's raining, it does not mean you lock away your makeup for the next few months. Opt for the waterproof range, particularly mascara, in addition to your sunscreen, lip balm, lip gloss, and moisturizer.  

  • Rubber Soled Oxford shoes

Always known for the comfort they provide, Oxford shoes are available in patent leather and metallic colours. They look beautiful on a rainy day. You can wear it on formal wear as well as on casual wear.  

  • Army Boots

Opt for Army boots during the rains as they are very comfy, less bulky and make your legs look longer and slimmer because the body of the shoes slopes in the front.

So there you go; with these must haves, nothing can stop you from looking gorgeous this monsoon.  

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