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Monsoon Hacks For The Girl On The Go

Monsoon Hacks For The Girl On The Go

The season of chaos is here and so are hundreds of health problems! The downpour doesn’t fail to wash away your glow, leaving you stranded with loads of skin and health related concerns. While you’re out and about being the boss lady that you are, you might forget or overlook your health as well as your skin and hair! This is why we are here with some amazing hacks to sort out your monsoon on the go.

On The Go Hacks To Tackle The Monsoons

Easy Clean Up

Monsoon means welcoming excess sebum production on the face! This not only clogs the pores with oil but also with other impurities in the environment. A daily clean up with the Kaya Everyday Cleansing Wipe s is the best solution to wipe away extra oil, keeping your skin clean and protected from external impurities. No need to worry about an oily face before you enter a big meeting!

Hair Protection

During this season the rain pours down and so does your hair! Hair fall and frizz are the two major nuisances that trouble you during the monsoon. Protecting your hair is now easy peasy with the Kaya Hair Protect Serum. This lightweight easy-absorbing serum, enriched with natural extracts strengthens and restructures the hair fibre, thus reducing hair fall and breakage. Keep a bottle in your bag so that you can tame your mane even when you’re on the go.

Retaining you natural glow

With the advent of monsoon, maintaining your skin becomes a painstaking task. Especially, when moisture and humidity in the air are determined to ruin your natural glow. But with Kaya, nothing is difficult! Toning the face with the Kaya Refining Mist is the perfect way to detoxify your skin. It is enriched with a unique combination of Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry extracts that rejuvenate skin and give your face a natural glow. Just spritz some and feel fresh as a flower, any time of the day.

Have the monsoons taken a toll on your hair? Here are the 10 tips to prevent hair fall during the monsoon.

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