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Moisturizers You Need For Summer

Moisturizers You Need For Summer
The sun is out and so is your sunscreen, hopefully! However, just because the temperatures have soared, does not mean that you can skip your daily dose of moisturization. In fact, moisturization is very vital in summer. The primary motive of a moisturizer is to help with skin’s moisture loss. Summers make the skin prone to moisture loss since your body suffers from dehydration during this time. Additionally, the sun can cause damage to the skin, thus making it susceptible to ageing. Here are the moisturizers that’ll help you fight all the skin problems you face in summer!

Kaya Anytime Moisturizing Cream

Like its name, Kaya Anytime Moisturizing Cream is a miracle cream that you can use at any point in the day. Its lightweight texture and moisture-lock formula keeps skin supple and moisturized all day long. It minimizes water loss thus giving you nothing but soft skin that everyone will be envious of.

Kaya White Protect Body Lotion

Its light weight, non-sticky formula makes Kaya White Protect Body Lotion perfect for the summer. It is enriched with Niacinamide which gives you hydrated and brighter skin. The lotion has SPF 13 which also protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Make this moisturizer your solution for radiant skin this summer!

Kaya Pigmentation Reducing Complex

Summer means a lot of tanning and dark spots due to the exposure to sun. What you need at such times is the Kaya Pigmentation Reducing Complex. This night treatment cream helps reduce dark spots, age spots, tanning and pigmentation marks. It keeps skin hydrated while preventing darkening of the skin. No more hiding your face this summer! Find out how to Get Rid Of Summer Tan.
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