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Men, Here Are The Myth Busters About Laser Hair Removal

Men, Here Are The Myth Busters About Laser Hair Removal

Body hair can be a hassle for some and an embarrassment for others. Worse yet, it can both! If you identify with any of these problems, you definitely have considered getting a Laser Hair Removal treatment. Naturally, you would your share of hesitation, some of which could be due to the myths surrounding this treatment. We’ve got you covered in that regard and are going to bust those myths here

Laser Hair Removal Is Unsafe

This is a common myth surrounding this treatment and it is untrue. Especially if you opt for Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch –Laser Hair Removal, you can stay assured that you’re in completely safe hands. At Kaya, we use US FDA approved Nd:Yag technology which is safe on your skin and only targets the desired skin without affecting the area around it.

Laser Hair Removal Is Painful

You’re probably used to sitting on hours in a painful situation thanks to waxing or epilation. You can totally say goodbye to those times by opting for laser hair removal. The treatment is devoid of any pain. You might encounter the slightest of discomfort but it is only because of the laser light being pointed at your skin. But this will be absolutely painless compared to other hair removal techniques.

Laser Hair Removal Is Expensive

This is something that is probably holding you back from opting for the treatment. We’re going to tell you to not let that be the case! Compared to what you spend on waxing appointments in a lifetime, laser hair removal is actually cheaper than that. Provided that you thoroughly follow the instructions of your dermatologist and complete all your session, laser hair removal gives you the freedom to stay hair-free for longer!

With these myths out of the way, we’re sure you’re convinced to go for laser hair removal. Sobook your appointment with the skin and hair expert now!

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