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Main Causes Of Hair Thinning

Main Causes Of Hair Thinning

Are you suffering with a problem of thinning hair? Our hair growth not only depends on our hormones and genes, it also depends on our diet and lifestyle. Almost every individual today suffers from unhealthy hair. Know about thinning hair causes and effects. Hair thinning in men starts at a young age and can be observed with a receding hairline. This kind of hair loss is usually genetic or stress-related. Hair thinning in women starts as the scalp ages. Women usually experience diffused hair thinning throughout the scalp, but most prominently around the area of hair partition.


Stress stimulates hormonal imbalance in our body which directly affects our hair growth. These hormones act on the hair follicles and slow down the hair growth process. 


Lack of vitamins, minerals, iron, proteins and amino acids in the diet strips our hair of all the nutrition and leaves it lackluster and limp. And so diet is the most important out of all the causes of thinning hair.

Pollution and Lifestyle

Like the rest of our body, our hair also needs time to breathe. Not sleeping on time leads to fewer hours for hair cells to regenerate and refresh. Top this with exposure to pollutants in the air and hair gets clogged with these chemicals leading to damage on the hair root.

Hormones And Genes

The quality and quantity of our hair also depends largely on our hormones and genes. Some are just blessed with beautiful hair and that is a genetic inheritance. But even then, taking help of experts in maintaining hair health is important.

If you are suffering from a thinning hair problem, consult an expert at Kaya to know what’s best for your hair.

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