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Looking For The Perfect Diwali Gift?

Looking For The Perfect Diwali Gift?

Still can’t figure out the perfect Diwali gift? The Expert Beauty Facials by Kaya's comprehensive range of beauty facials are the perfect gift for the ladies in your family – be it your wife, sister or your mother. It has been uniquely designed by dermatologists for different skin types and needs. You can find facials for every problem, from hydration to age reversal.  The facials give a better complexion and visibly clearer skin, something everyone aims for at this age. Below are the different facials provided by Kaya according to various skin types, take your pick!

Dry To Normal Skin

These facials are for people with a normal skin type, but a bit on the drier side. There are six facials available, namely: Deep Skin Hydration, Skin Eternal Purification, Marvellous Skin Rejuvenation, Mesmerizing Age Reversal, Delightful Skin Whitening. They help regenerate cells and enhance skin’s strength. Use these facials to get refreshed skin, with deep pore action and protection.

Oily Or Acne Prone Skin

The Kaya Clear Fresh Oil Control is an effective therapy that vanishes all the oil traces from the skin's surface, erases all the impurities and eventually soothes the skin. It uses botanical extracts like Kudze, Chamomile Flower extract and Burdock Root extracts. These extracts scale down the sebum levels and remove impurities. Enjoy oil-free skin that not just feels fresh but also glows beautifully.

Combination And Irritation

The Purify and Balance Facial exfoliates your skin with Micro Derma Abrasion, and the active elements of Purifying Enforcement serum provide your skin with essential nutrients. These elements give your skin the right balance, a healthy look, radiance and complexion. In addition to that, the facial also introduces your skin to a soothing element with Grape Fruit Seed extracts based cream. After which, your skin's mild irritations are cured with Tea Tree Oil Mask, a brilliant facial purifier. Towards the end, your skin not only feels revived but is also purified, calm and radiates a healthy glow.

Sun-affected Skin

Kaya Lighten and De-Tan Facial brings your skin condition to normalcy. This facial starts with a superior exfoliation session with Micro Derma Abrasion and then the free radicals of skin are taken off through a complete De-tan process. It lightens the complexion of the skin, giving it a beautiful glow that is free from the effects of sun.

Pollution-affected Skin

Kaya's De-pollute and Nourish facial helps keep your skin healthy from the effects of pollution. This therapy begins with hydra-exfoliation, followed by freeing of the skin radicals through a complete re-mineralization process. The facial protects, hydrates, and takes care of the overall re-mineralization of your stressed skin.

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