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Latest Skin Care Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Latest Skin Care Trends You Should Be Aware Of

With the arrival of a new season, it’s time to give up on those old school skin care tactics. Here are some of the top skin care trends that are making the rounds in the beauty world.

The Top Trends For Skin care

Sheet Masks

Originating from South Korea, sheet masks have become the internet sensation overnight! Everyone’s busy reviewing this newly arrived product! A sheet mask is a one-time use fabric that’s cut in the shape of a face. This fabric is soaked in serum which is enriched with nutrients essential for your skin. If your skin lacks moisture and hydration, all you need to do is apply a sheet mask and chill for 15-20 minutes, while the vitamins and other nutrients in the serum seep into your pores and hydrate your skin right from the core!

Nighttime Skincare Routine

Do you wake up every morning with dull and tired skin? If so, you should make way for this latest trend, a nighttime skin care routine! After a long battle against environmental pollutants throughout the day, your exhausted skin starts healing itself at night. This is the best time when your skin care routine actually starts showing its effect by reaching right at the bottom of the pores and repairing your skin. The Kaya Brightening Night Cream is specially formulated to work at night for moisture balance. This non-oily formula gets absorbed quickly into your skin making it visibly soft, fresh and luminous.


Skin care brands have been obsessed with a new invention to keep your skin gleaming! It’s the formulation of crystal-infused skin care products! Crystals are natural exfoliators that help you in getting rid of dust and dirt accumulated in your skin pores. Crystals work directly on acne and pimples, repairing your skin rapidly. Another reason for beauty brands to go gaga over this substance is its ability to deliver a radiant glow onto your skin.

Has the surrounding dimmed your flare? Here’s how you can get glowing, envious skin.

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