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Latest Ingredient Trends For Skincare

Latest Ingredient Trends For Skincare

Have your skin problems become immune to your skincare therapy? It’s time to say goodbye to those worn out methods of skincare. We have brought for you, the latest skincare ingredients that will transform your skin in a jiffy. Here are some of the newest ingredients that should be a part of your skin care essentials.

The Latest Ingredient Trends For Skincare


Our age-old golden spice is the topmost trend these days! Due to its incredible healing properties, turmeric is grabbing the attention of all the popular skincare brands. The antioxidant properties in turmeric work best towards healing skin inflammation and redness. A major component in turmeric,  called curcumin, contains antioxidant properties that restrain the effects of ageing while protecting your skin from harmful rays of the sun.


Does your skin seem dry and pale? That’s because your face pack lacks this trending ingredient! Oils have made their way into many beauty products. Facial oils act as moisturizers that soften your dried out skin. These oils also help in calming your skin from any inflammations. Facial oils nourish your skin, making it look healthy and glossy.

Plant Extracts

Natural is the new healthy! If you’ve been wanting  clear and radiant skin, products with plant extracts are your go-to solution. Using plant extracts has become a trend amongst leading skincare brands. Different plant extracts come with different benefits. Some of these extracts focus on cleansing and smoothening skin while the others help in protecting and repairing skin cells. The Kaya Flawless Day Cream is enriched with Grapeseed and Bistort herb extracts which penetrate deep into your skin to tackle the early signs of ageing like fine lines and age spots.

Is your skin trapped under the spell of ageing? Here are the best anti-ageing ingredients that can save your skin!

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